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Next Generation Secuencing (NGS)

Equipped with an Illumina MiSeq DNA sequencer and automated DNA extraction and quality control equipment, our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform ensures high-quality results. The sequencing approach of this instrument involves generating millions of relatively short sequencing reads, each up to 300 bp. These reads are randomly sampled from the entire targeted DNA molecule, ensuring multiple coverage of each DNA position across various reads.

Whole genome sequencing:
Bacterial and simple eukaryotic organisms complete genome sequencing (up to ca. 50 Mpb).

Targeted DNA or Amplicon sequencing:
Highly multiplexed PCR reactions selectively amplify regions of interest within the sample DNA before library preparation, enabling subsequent NGS sequencing to exclusively read these locations. Examples include:
  • Genetic disease associated gene panels
  • Cancer associated gene panels.
  • 16S RNA gene sequencing for bacterial population analysis.